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If you are not a REALTOR member you may not participate in RPAC. Please visit our Advocacy Everywhere page to learn where you can make a difference, helping Americans attain and maintain the America Dream.


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As a REALTOR®, part of your success in this business is always dependent on our local, state and federal laws and regulation impact real estate. One law or local ordinance could increase liability, decrease affordability, and negatively affect property values.

As a Birmingham REALTOR®, you are part of an organization with resources focused on protecting your interests and the people you serve.

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Realtors have a much bigger voice, when they have the voice of an Association...

Your RPAC does this by supporting REALTOR® and pro-REALTOR® candidates for public office and taking action on important public policy that can affect your daily business.

Our success, and your return for standing up for your industry, is dependent on donations from members like you. Now is the time for you to give and make that critical investment in your business, our industry, and your future.

Your RPAC donation has saved you money by:

  • Only having to get one Jefferson County Municipal License, one Shelby County Municipal License
  • Successfully fought sign fees in several municipalities (for example Homewood wanted to charge $25 per sign)
  • A successful ban on transfer fees
  • A successful change in the Right of Redemption Period

Keep it checked! In this year's billing, make RPAC giving your decision.